Our Company

Here at Competition Components we have always had a passion for cars. We're especially fortunate to have experienced the days of riding in the back of granddads 1946 GMC pickup and weekend outings in the family '55 Buick. We remember the 1960's when one couldn't wait for the new performance cars to arrive at the local dealer, or the many Friday nights spent "cruising main".

Cars have changed a lot especially performance cars. Who would have believed that a stock sports car would go 150 mph not to mention 200? With that change came the need for superior safety equipment and realizing this, Competition Components was born.

Since 1995 Competition Components has been supplying race teams and performance enthusiasts with the finest safety equipment and supplies available.

The products we sell have proven themselves on the world’s most demanding tracks, including LeMans, Sebring, Daytona, and Spa to name a few. From Go Karts to Formula 1, from drag strips to dirt tracks, from super speedways to road courses, Competition Components is there for your safety.

Competition Components strives to offer the finest racing safety equipment and supplies available. We believe that there is no substitute for quality, especially concerning personal safety. The old adage "You get what you pay for" is certainly true and safety doesn't come cheap.

Competition Components is constantly seeking new and better products for the safety minded performance enthusiast whether they be weekend racers or professional team owners. It's your life. Are you worth it?