Whether you drive a new or vintage model Ferrari they are equally subject to the ravages of fire. Competition Components offers several different types of fire protection for your Ferrari. From installed on-board systems to simple hand held fire extinguishers, we've got you covered.


To help protect your Ferrari against fire, Competition Components offers a compact 2.5lb, refillable Halguard clean gas extinguisher.  This extinguisher is made in the United States, and features a chrome plated steel bottle and comes with a bracket and Porsche logo decal.  The supplied bracket fits our CCI Ferrari specific seat brackets available at additional cost.

HG250 dimensions are approximately 14.5" long by 3" in diameter.

Price including shipping   $185.95



To help protect your Ferrari, Competition Components offers a compact 2.5lb, refillable Halon 1211 clean gas extinguisher.  This extinguisher is made in the United States and features a stainless steel bottle with a CNC machined billet firing head and quick release bracket.  It comes in either Polished, Red, Gloss Black, Wrinkle Black or Red finishes and includes a Ferrari logo decal.  PB2 dimensions are approximately 13" longby 3" in diameter.

Price shown is $376


Custom mounting brackets available for Testarossa, F-360, 430, 458 and 488. Pattern available for 308 and 328 series cars. Please enquire.

Our SC PB-2R installed in a F-430 using our custom aluminum bracket.

Price as shown $499.  With polished stainless cylinder $525.99.  Includes CCI custom bracket for Ferrari.


Our PC and PB brackets attach to the forward mounting bolt on the inboard passenger seat rail. No holes need to be drilled in your Ferrari to use our bracket. However, you may have to remove the plastic trim piece, if equipped, to access the bolt. 

Because Ferrari seats differ, we ask that you email a jpg close-up
picture of the forward portion of the seat rail in your car. This way
we can insure that we send you the correct bracket.

If you already have an extinguisher, check this out. Our trick Billet Brackets fits H3R Halguard, Maxout, Amerex, and Kidde 2.5lb extinguishers! That's right. Help your commercial grade and not so pretty extinguisher look a whole lot better. Out Billet brackets offer fore and aft as well as left right adjustment of your extinguisher. Note: the maximum cylinder diameter cannot exceed 3".

Price as shown without extinguisher $283.00.

AT10 in a F360 Challenge car.

For Ferrari Challenge cars and other Ferrari race cars, Competition Components offer a complete line of racing systems, both mechanical and electric for your Ferrari race car.