All RV's are vulnerable to the ravages of a fire.  A fire can start anywhere at any time.  Caused by overheating engines, electrical system failures, propane stove and refrigerator problems, dragging brakes, the list is endless. Lives are at risk, not only the people but pets too and all of the owners personal belongings as well.

Now, Competition Components offers a complete line of fire protection systems and extinguishers to help guard against the perils of fire.  We offer automatic systems to help protect engine compartment and generators, stove and refrigerators, as well as extinguishers that can handle a small cooking fire to a stubborn tire fire.

All Safecraft systems and extinguishers use a EPA approved, non-toxic, clean gas agent which leaves no residue and will not harm delicate electronics and electrical components.  NOTE:  We recommend that you not use a dry chemical fire extinguisher.  Why?  Because the agent is highly corrosive, hazardous to one's health, and can actually propagate a fire when used!

Safecraft offers a temperature activated remote system to help protect engine and generator compartments, as well as stove and refrigerator compartments. These self contained systems offer 24/7/365 protection and peace of mind.

Prices from: $449

The Safecraft family of PB extinguishers use Halon 1211 clean gas agent and are refillable. At 2.5lbs, the PB is excellent for smaller fires such as a stove grease fire or similar.

Prices from: $221

Similar to the 2.5lb PB extinguisher, Safecraft offers the PB 3lb and PB 5lb which are refillable and use 3M Novec 1230 clean gas agent for protection against larger fires.

Prices from:  $221