Safecraft is the leader in the production of motorsports safety equipment.  Safecraft safety equipment is used by more NASCARNHRA, and SCCA teams than any other brand.  Only Safecraft  offers a range of equipment that enables the racer to obtain their vehicle safety equipment from a single manufacturer, and Safecraft is the only manufacturer to offer 3 models of extinguishers, and 6 different extinguishing agents approved to SFI 17.1.  All of their products are designed and constructed to the highest standards.

Safecraft manufacturers a wide range of fire suppression systems to fit all requirements and regulations.  Be sure to consult your rule book to see what your sanctioning body requires before choosing a specific system.

Installed Fire Suppression Systems

Model AT.  Safecraft's Model AT family of extinguishers is used in motorsports, marine and other applications.  It is extensively used by some of the top racing organizations.  These units feature a fast acting temperature sensor mounted on the extinguisher or a remote sensor so the bottle can be mounted away from the area to be protected.  Available in 3, 5, and 10 pound sizes with Halon or DuPont FE36.    From $435.00

Model LT.  Many teams favor this lightweight extinguisher system.  With the unique Safecraft swivel head and slim profile, the Model LT is easy to install.  Available in 3, 5, and 10 pound sizes with Halon or FE36.  From $369.00

Model RS.  The Model RS is the benchmark in the industry, with features and options not found on any other motorsports fire protection system.  This kit features 3 discharge nozzles, multiple pull cables, push cables or knobs and pneumatic valves.  Available in 3, 5 10, of 20 pound sizes with Halon, DuPont FE36 or AFFF foam agents.  From $445.00

Model LE.  We now offer the new Safecraft Model LE and LE-SFI Electric Fire Suppression Systems. The LE system is an almost direct replacement for the Lifeline Zero 2000 Systems. The LE System bottles are very close in physical size to the Lifeline bottles so accommodation shouldn't be a problem, and the LE Systems offer greater protection at a very competitive price! 

LE Systems feature:

* SFI 17.1 approved systems available.
* Available in 5lb slimline or compact and regular 10lb sizes.
* All DOT approved cylinders.
* Halon or DuPont FE36 clean gas agents.
* Compact cylinder is smaller than the competition.
* Stand alone improved power pack with system test and status indicator.
* Optional pull cable/pin back up available.

Prices from: $563

Removable Extinguisher Systems

Model PB-2.  Our top of the line Hand Held Model PB-2 offers a really trick machined Billet firing head with removable PIP pin safety. The PB series is available in Polished Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Gloss Red, White, Black and Wrinkle Black aluminum cylinders. The 50-1410 Billet Bracket (pictured on each extinguisher) is available at extra cost, see below. These great looking extinguishers add a really cool look to any cars interior while giving the owner a safety advantage.

With quick release bracket

PB-2S 2.5lb Halon 1211 Polished Stainless with quick release bracket   $403    
PB-2R 2.5lb Halon 1211 Gloss Red with quick release bracket                 $376    
PB-2B 2.5lb Halon 1211 Gloss Black with quick release bracket              $376    
PB-2W 2.5lb Halon 1211 Gloss White with quick release bracket             $376    
PB-2BW 2.5lb Halon 1211 Black Wrinkle with quick release bracket        $376

PB-3W 3.0lb Novec 1230 Gloss White with quick release bracket                 $399
PB-3BW 3.0lb Novec 1230 Black Wrinkle with quick release bracket            $419
PB-5W 5.0lb Novec 1230 Gloss White with quick release bracket                 $498
PB-5BW 5.0lb Novec 1230 Black Wrinkle with Quick release bracket           $518

Safecraft 50-1410 Billet Bracket for PB and PC Hand Held Extinguishers 
Billet Bracket for PB and PC extinguishers. This bracket can be used with our Brey-Krause seat brackets to fit a number of different vehicles. $155